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¡¡¡¡Hongkong Allallinfo Media Group Ltd is an information media enterprise that set foor in multiple business fields. Ever since the foundation in 1997, we have sticked to the operation tenet of ¡®Customer¡¯s Competitiveness, Allallinfo¡¯s Motivity¡¯. Making great efforts in five fields: industrial media, professional exhibition, E-business, unified communication and managerial software, Allallinfo has successfully created an excellent brand for Allallinfo.

Devoting to operation and experience accumulation for over ten years, Allallinfo has amazing achievement in industrial media area. There are six senior and professional magazines under our brand. They are Advertisement Products & Making, Textile Printing, Screen Printing Pad Printing Special Printing, Paper Guidebook, Lubricant Guidebook and Printing. They have become quintessence magazines in their own industry, relying on their unique view and progressing attitude, as well as focusing on the industry and leading ahead of time.

Based on the enrich resources of industrial media, Allallinfo transformed from trial to success in the professional exhibition area. In 2006, we hosted the textile printing exhibition, which was the earliest one in our country¡ªChina International Textiel Printing Exhibition (CITPE). This exhibition has stimulated dramatic responses from the industry. The annual holding of CITPE operates around two economic central areas, east China and southern China. With its strengthening scale and influence, it indicates the beginning for lasting development and deepening of Allallinfo¡¯s exhibition program.

The complete arrival of internet age, brand new opportunity and challenge are encountering with enterprise¡¯s operation. Customers of Allallinfo require E-business service that is more industrialized and considerate. Depending on our a decade of experience as an industrial information media, standing upon the net construction concept to forecast and meet customer¡¯s demands, we would build up a series of industrial E-business websites such as China Sign. As the promotion and development of E-business, Allallinfo would certainly become the most trustworthy partners of net marketing and business for numerous customers.

The development of internet, bringing along with the reform of communication. Unified communication becomes the definited direction of enterprise¡¯s communication technology and management. While the combination of managerial software and enterprise¡¯s communication would necessarily lead to great leap of enterprise management and competitiveness. Cooperating with outer strategic partners, we launched creative communication products like CBIQ and UC etc., opening a new page for the promotion of customer¡¯s competitiveness.

Carrying on the core value of ¡®Customer¡¯s Competitiveness, Allallinfo¡¯s Motivity¡¯, Allallinfo constructed Software Business Department at the end of 2006. Grasping the chance of promoting E-system managerial software, we issued this new enterprise managerial software which is suitable for medium and small size enterprises for many industries such as advertising produce, printing and lubricant etc., so as to lower the threshold of informationization, completely improving customer¡¯s managerial level. So far, we have arrived partial achievement, with over a thousand sets of Manage Easy series sold. This software, Manage Easy, is industry edition product specially making for all customers in different areas. We are heading for the second section objective of selling ten thousand sets.

Through times of successful fund operation, business extension and product innovation, Allallinfo realises multiple operation in cross-industry and cross-area. We become an excellent information media operator with powerful competitiveness, market operation and industrial influence.

Innovative Allallinfo would remain concerning about demands of customers, creating more valuable products and solutions for them, and making concerted efforts to fulfiled the dream of cooperative win-win. Being open-minded and generous, we absorb advanced ideas and culture, gathering elites from different areas, so that to transform them into progressing and infinited motivity. Pratical Allallinfo would take every success or failure as spur and drive for improvement. With our heads up and making great stride, we can pursue a more steady and sustainable? developing future.