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Contents from this website, including text, graph, logo, creation and software etc. are possessed by China Sign and supplyers of those contents or information. They are protected by China and International Copyright Law. Duplication of contents from this website (referring to collection, combination and recombination), our site enjoys the protection of Exclusive Right as well as China and International Copyright Law. The possession of software applied in this site belongs to China Sign and other software suppliers, and is protected by China and International Copyright Law. Contents and softwares from this site can be used as informational resources for gaining online trading and auction. Other usages of the site contents, including reproduction, revision, publication, forwarding, reprinting, demonstration or broadcasting, would all be seriously banned.

China Sign; www.sign51.com; www.sign51.cn; and other graph, picture, chart, creation, logo and service name from China Sign are all proctected by relevant law. Trademark, special name or sign etc. cannot be used to confuse customers with various sense on any other products or service not belonging to China Sign. In other case, using them to distor or decry China Sign in any terms.

Website usage
China Sign or any part of it cannot be reproduced, duplicated, copied or traded, as well as for commercial usage without permission from China Sign. If customer’s behaviours are confirmed as illegal or harmful to the benefit of website and enterprise by China Sign, and then China Sign and other related enterprises would retaine rights such as refusing to provide service but more than that, freezing special member account and/or cancelling rights for order.

China Sign allows customers issueing personal opinions towards products on site. If you issue comments on this site, you would be authorized by China Sign, related enterprises and any media worldwide with immutable and complete permission rights exclusively permanently in using, afresh processing, revising, adopting, publicizing, translating, deriving and broadcasting the comments. Meanwhile, China Sign and users from other related enterprises are authorized to quote your signature which you use when issueing your comments, and your comments would be attached if there is any need.

The link service on China Sign can directly enter into other sites, but those site are out of control of China Sign. China Sign is irresponsible for contents on any sites that links to it.

Copyright complaint
China Sign and other related enterprises are respectful to other’s intellectural property rights. If you confirm that your works is plagiarized in some way, that behaviour has violated China and International Copyright. Please appeal copyright complaint to China Sign.

China Sign does not provide any express or implicit guarantee for all contents on sites, including but more than information, content, material or product on the web operation or China Sign. Permitted by applied law, China Sign rejects any express or implicit guarantee, including but more than commercial implicit guarantee for particular purpose. China Sign is irresponsible for any loss or those losses led by the uses of it, including but more than the evocable losses that are of direct, indirect, accidental, punitive or initiated.

Operation rules
The following items and the items mentioned above all are applicable to the forum, discussing group, chat group, bulletin board of China Sign and any behaviour that has mutual effect on areas of this site. That online users utilizing, entering or participating in those areas or any other mutual effect area on this site means concenting to all these items. The online communication you took part in happens at real time, without being editted, compressed or controlled in any form by China Sign. We cannot and have not screened contents provided by all online users, but we retain controlling right on them, as well as rights to delete those contents regarded as harmful, controversial or infringe operation rules. In order to provide information service that is of high value and satisfies needs from online users, while avoiding the loss triggered by dishonesty, malicious assault or any harmful statement on other’s rights, we find it necessary to establish the following operation rules so as to avert abuse on China Sign:
When you are using service from China Sign, you are not allowed to:

  1. Paste or transmit any information that is illegal, threatening, defaming, derogatory, revengeful or inhibitive by law, including but more than broadcasting any content that is agitative and encouraging for crime, against citizen obligation or disobey local code, national law and regulation, international law, custom and pact.
  2. Paste or transmit any other’s privacy, or any content with virus, derogation or harmful features.
  3. Paste or transmit any data, graph or program that could infringe other’s property right, including illegally using unregistered copyright text, graph or program, business secret and other secret information, trademark and service sign etc.
  4. Disturbing other onling users in any form.

Applicable law
China Sign (www.sign51.com; www.sign51.cn ) is operated and controlled by HONGKONG ALLALLINFO MEDIA GROUP LTD., applying to the laws of the People's Republic of China. We retain rights to alter our website as well as disclaimer and items mentioned above.